point of sale

Branding is an essential part of your marketing activities. The activity involves selling your organization as a product. However, unlike other awareness creation campaigns, branding may be an expensive affair for small business. You may not have enough budget to fund online and offline branding ads and organizing roadshows.

In spite of these downfalls, you can still use your Point of Sale terminals as the branding centers. The goodness of this approach is that you do not have to spend extra coins and you will brand your business as you continue serving your customers. So, you neither need special branding teams nor budget for the activity. Here is how to do it:

a.    Display your brand logos

As you know, branding involves disseminating information about who you are and what you stand for. In this essence, you can prepare displays containing your organization logo on the walls at the Point of Sale.

Apart from the logo, you need to include your brand names, mission and vision of your business without forgetting the guiding principles. This way, you will give your customers an idea of your business as they wait to be served at the selling terminals

b.    Print receipts with your Brand name and logo

Apparently, everyone purchasing from your store will get a receipt as a confirmation of a successful transaction. As a small business owner, you can utilize this opportunity to brand your organization.

Using the POS system, you can print receipts containing your business logos and brand names. When a customer is going through the receipt to clarify their expenses, they will have an opportunity to learn more about your business. Essentially, you can include coupons with offers to ensure the customers take time to read the receipts they receive from your customer attendants.

c.    Give branded takeaways

Everyone likes free items. As a way of promoting your small business, you can come up with a free takeaway program. Takeaways don’t mean giving half of your inventory for free.  Small appreciations such as sweets and gift cards can work magic for your small business.

Your POS system can help you to prepare gift cards meaning you do not have to outsource such services. Also, the takeaways should contain your business logos and brands you are offering. By doing this, you will enhance your brand awareness which in turn means more sales.

Final words

As you can see, you do not need millions of dollars to brand your business. The POS system can help you to conduct simple but productive branding campaigns.  Hence, with only a little effort you can inform the public about your organization through in-store branding campaigns.